Hi there..


I’m using this site to write about the ways in which mums work; to upturn the assumption that we don’t. I’m sick of filling out forms, and being given no option for what I do other than ‘housewife’ or ‘unemployed’. No matter how we choose to birth, feed, or raise our children; whether we have jobs, marriages or mortgages, no matter our priorities, we all have a lot to do.


I am a 26 year old mother, I had my first daughter (now five) just three weeks after graduating from university, with a 2:1 in English and Sociology. My second daughter (now almost three) was born at home in Brighton. Their dad and I parted after eight years together, and I’ve been a single parent for the last two. About six months ago I moved back to the leafy suburbs of North West London, near my extended family. Now with my youngest at nursery three mornings a week, and the eldest in the throes of primary school, I am snatching back some ‘me’ time and embarking on the heady journey of returning to regular blogging.

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